Fat Loss Factor Review

Many people wanting to lose weight look for a program that can be trusted to help them lose weight safely. However, with the many weight loss programs in the market many get confused on how to choose a genuine program that will help them lose weight without any side effects. Fat Loss Factor Program is a genuine and proven program that was created with the aim of providing people with a detailed diet plan and workouts to help them lose weight and benefit from a healthy lifestyle

Who Created the Program?

Dr. Charles Livingstone, a fitness and nutritional expert and chiropractic, created the Fat Loss Factor Program to provide people with the right approach to losing weight. Many programs advice people to avoid some foods to lose weight but the program provides a complete weight loss system which combines proper eating habits and exercises to help people lose fat long term

Fat Loss Factor System Format

The program runs for 12 weeks and is divided into two phases: The first phase starts with detoxifying the body in the first few weeks. During this first phase that takes around two weeks, harmful toxins are eliminated from the body by consuming organic foods such as vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, beans, and raw seeds.

After the initial two weeks, you will have increased energy levels, a reduction in food cravings, improved immune system and will notice a reduction in body fat.

After the initial 2-week detox phase is over the program provides a series of fat loss workout and diet plan to start losing fat including:

· Interval and strength training exercises that will help you lose fat

· Ways to avoid and manage stress

· Healthy foods to eat and what to avoid to maximize fat loss

· Proper eating habits to help you lose fat

The Program Contains:

· Fat loss factor eBook with all the key points necessary for the program

· Goal setting guide to help you set smaller, achievable goals

· A special liver cleansing DVD showing how to clean and detox your body

· Workout guide ideal for beginners and advances users alike

· Grocery list, food diary, exercise log to keep track of your progress

· A software package that will provide healthy food solutions

· 60- day money guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the results

· Among others 

Fat Loss Factor: Pros

The detailed weight loss program comes with many benefits some of which include:

· Comprehensive, easy to follow guides on the right foods and workout to enhance fat loss

· Unlike other programs, you will be able to lose weight while maintaining muscle

· Its affordable and easy to download

· Can be used by almost anyone at any fitness level

· Strengthened immune system. Accumulation of toxins in the body affects the body functions and the quality of life. Proper eating habits and the right exercises will help get rid of waste which goes a long way in improving the immune system

· Unlike other programs that advice people to avoid some foods, the program provides valuable advice on good eating habits and workouts to maximize fat loss

· 60-day money back guarantee in case you don’t get results or aren’t satisfied

· The program has been used by various people worldwide and based on some of their reviews the program works to help lose weight fast and safely

· The program provides diet and workout advice that will help you change your lifestyle for the better

· Personal email coaching and updates 

Fat Loss Factor: Cons

· The program requires utmost dedication and hard work to work. You have to follow the nutrition and exercise advice provided to lose fat using the program

· The first two weeks are often hard for some people because you are only required to eat certain types of foods to aid in detoxification

· This is not a miracle weight loss solution and since people aren’t built in the same way, some may have better results than others 


The market is flooded with many fat loss programs, some of which rarely work or have negative side effects. The Fat Loss Factor Program is tested and tried by many people throughout the world and is proven to work. The fat loss program is safe to use and affordable to many people. If you are looking for a fat loss program that works The Fat Loss Factor Program comes highly recommended and rates 9 out o 10 based on its legitimacy and ease of use.

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